Community Engagement

Xilinx Global Corporate and Community Engagement program is an integral component of the company's culture and supports charitable giving and projects that provide positive change with measurable results within its communities. Through these programs, Xilinx makes a positive impact on the global communities which includes customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and other global stakeholders.

To do this, Xilinx creates global teams and programs consisting of charitable giving and other projects that help define the standard for impacting the global community. Xilinx desires to not only exceed these established standards, but also to set new ones.

Our Mission

To partner with local and global leaders to improve the quality of life in our communities, while instilling pride in our employees, fostering a passion for excellence, and providing an environment that result in personal and professional growth.

Our Vision

To have a systemic social impact in our local and global communities through outreach, volunteerism, teambuilding, and philanthropy in the areas of Education, Health, Arts, and Social Services.


The Arts

The Arts

Music, poetry, theater, painting, dance and other forms of the arts nurture creativity and self-expression. Xilinx is proud to provide support to the organizations that bring the arts into local communities. Actively participating and donating to events and projects that foster the arts enriches all of us and encourages us to discover and embrace a sense of freedom and expression.


Around the world, Xilinx employees included Community Service in their holiday plans. Here are a few examples of the December 2013 events at Xilinx sites.


As is their tradition, Xilinx Singapore made a generous donation towards the annual "ChariTrees" event, which seeks to raise funds for more than 300,000 beneficiaries of Community Chest. The fundraising event is coordinated by Singapore's National Council of Social Service. For 2013, the theme was "Story Trees" and comprised Christmas trees displayed along the scenic Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade depicting their beneficiaries' struggles, applauding their relentless efforts in improving their lives and celebrating their triumphs in overcoming challenges. These stories also illustrated the good work done by charities in bringing joy, cheer, and meaning to beneficiaries' lives.

The beneficiaries' touching and uplifting stories inspired students from LASALLE College of the Arts to retell these stories through their creative handcrafted decorations, which represented the grit, determination, and dreams of the beneficiaries.

The Xilinx ChariTree, customized by the students, was called "Reflection" and was inspired by an elderly gentleman. Now 82 years of age, this gentleman used to be lonely and depressed due to his medical condition. A volunteer from a charity struck up a friendship with him and arranged for treatment in a hospital. The man was so grateful and inspired that he eventually ended up volunteering at the same charity. The students created many three-sided hollow pyramids made of a clear plastic material into which they placed cracked mirrors. The cracks in the mirrors gradually decrease as the pyramids spiral up the tree until they totally disappear, depicting how this elderly man changed from someone who needed help to someone who helped others. Xilinx volunteers added laminated red Xilinx logos which were hung all over the tree, to signify our partnership with Community Chest in bringing hope to the lives of the less fortunate.

Dublin, Ireland

Employees in Dublin had a special holiday treat from the students at St. Aidan's school in Brookfield, who put on a performance for employees at Xilinx during a lunch break on Dec 17th. In addition to good food and good company, employees got to enjoy good music from the students who sang Christmas carols. One student stole the show - his "Frosty the Snowman" costume and act was a big hit with everyone that day. The event got all of the XIR employees in the mood for Christmas and ended the year on a great note.

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom 

Albert Einstein



Xilinx’s corporate strategy for community engagement revolves around education by partnering with nonprofits to bring support to schools where Xilinx employees are connected and active. This employee involvement, complemented by funding, enhances core focus subjects – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math – and helps meet special needs so that every child has a chance to give back to society. Learn more...


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Around the world, Xilinx and the Educational Ecosystem team have been incredibly busy and very generous.  Employees from India, Ireland, Asia Pacific, and North America have donated thousands of hours promoting academic achievement and progress in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Not all organizations required volunteers. In those cases, financial sponsorships and donations were given.

Here's a brief table showcasing the impact that employees have had around the world through the educational ecosystem within just one academic year (2013-2014).

Educational Ecosystem Recap, 2013-2014 Academic Year



Financial Sponsorship/Donation

XHD – Hyderabad (Indresham Village)

  • Teach English Classes
  • Teach Computer Classes
  • Set up Computer Lab
  • School Field Trip

XIR – Multiple Locations

  • Dragon's Den
  • Make Math Matter
  • Math Through Sports
  • Engineering Your Future
  • Mini Company Project
  • The Economics of Staying in School
  • One-on-One tutoring in Math & Science
  • Tutoring for coding in SCRATCH
  • ICT Equipment
  • One Book Project
  • Community Garden
  • Intensive Language Courses
  • Sewing and Home Economics
  • Reading Club
  • Storytelling Class
  • Drama Workshops
  • Art Gallery Visits
  • Parent Workshops
  • Scholarships

XCO – Multiple Locations

  • Science Festival Day
  • Virtual Field Trip
  • Junior Achievement programs
  • Engineering classes and after school programs
  • Artist Residence Program
  • Restorative Mediation Program
  • Outdoor Education Programs
  • Technology Hardware and Software
  • Training for Teachers

XSJ – Multiple Locations

  • Xmas Present Wrapping
  • Virtual Field Trip
  • Junior Achievement programs
  • Computer and programming classes
  • Engineering classes and after school programs


  • Service Learning
  • Scholarships
  • Counseling Services
  • TV Production/Studio Time
  • Science Nights
  • Artist Residence Programs
  • Theatre and Museum Field Trips
  • Healthy/Active Living  Activities


  • Activities for Developmentally Disabled
  • Programming and Infrastructure for Special Needs School
  • Educational scholarships and book prizes

The Educational Ecosystem is the signature community-engagement program for Xilinx and provides many opportunities for employees to give back to their local communities. However, through community outreach, teambuilding, grants and matching, and other volunteer events and efforts employees are encouraged to support causes that are important to them outside of the Educational Ecosystem.

Here's a documentary to further explain Xilinx's Educational Ecosystem.

Some people see things as they are and ask, ‘Why?’ I see things as they have never been and ask, ‘Why not? 

George Bernard Shaw



Learning from the experts in our community equips everyone at Xilinx to be health advocates, make healthy choices, and support organizations that are pioneering health advances. Besides bringing community resources into Xilinx, we go out into the community to get involved in many health-related fund-raising events that fuel research and treatment programs.


Xilinx sponsored a determined and dedicated team of four Singapore employees  for the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk – Race to the Sky, which raises money for critical programs in the areas of health and social services.

The Race to the Sky event is a vertical marathon – requiring participants to race up 57 stories of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park in Singapore. Each of our team's four inspiring marathoners completed the race in less than 15 minutes! A second segment of the marathon included a 4km walk where more than 40 additional Xilinx employees, friends, and family participated.

With over 8,500 participants, Community Chest raised in excess of $1.5 million. Additionally, the Singapore government will match this impressive amount.  Community Chest puts these funds towards supporting critical programs in the areas of health, mental health, and immediate and long-term social services such as:

  • Therapy and an education that are tailored to the individual needs of children with special needs and guidance for youths-at-risk
  • Physiotherapy, training in life skills and jobs for people with disabilities
  • Shelter, warm meals and care for frail elderly
  • Counselling to help families in need deal positively with financial hardship, child delinquency or marital problems

The first wealth is health. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Social Service

Social Service

From the first minutes of life to our last days, every human being needs the help of others. Xilinx employees partner with social services organizations that are bringing assistance to members of local communities. Employee involvement helps meet the full range of human need – addressing the body, mind, and spirit – and embraces proactive approaches that prepare for the future.


In classic Xilinx style, during the Worldwide Sales Conference (August 17 & 18), attendees became volunteers. Each person donated a bit of their time to assemble 'back to school' kits.

Over 1,000 kits were filled with coloring books, crayons, folders, mechanical and regular pencils, pens, post-its, rulers, erasers, Kleenex, and hand sanitizers - all of which were given to military families at Camp Pendleton's North Terrace Elementary School. Xilinx collaborated with Staples to provide the materials and Blue Star Moms to drop off the completed kits to North Terrace Elementary. Chris Henry - VP Sales Operations, stated, "Helping the local community by building student back to school kits was a fun, social way to pull people together from around the world as one team. It was a terrific way to begin our Global Sales Conference."

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 

Margaret Mead