Community Engagement

Xilinx Global Corporate and Community Engagement program is an integral component of the company's culture and supports charitable giving and projects that provide positive change with measurable results within its communities. Through these programs, Xilinx makes a positive impact on the global communities which includes customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and other global stakeholders.

To do this, Xilinx creates global teams and programs consisting of charitable giving and other projects that help define the standard for impacting the global community. Xilinx desires to not only meet and exceed these established standards, but to set new ones.

Our Mission

The Global Corporate and Community Engagement program strives to help improve the quality of life within its community through a combination of partnerships, funding and volunteerism. Our role is to also focus on the education of the youth within our community and provide resources that can help shape these future business leaders. In addition, Xilinx is committed to actively participate in supporting and improving the communities it serves.

Program Participation

Employees are encouraged to participate in activities that make an impact within their local communities. The four primary areas of focus include education, community and social services, health and the arts.

 *While we appreciate interest and inquiries from external organizations, our funding guidelines restrict us to employee requests only.

Music, poetry, theater, painting, dance and other forms of the arts nurture creativity and self-expression.  Xilinx is proud to provide support to the organizations that bring the arts into local and global communities.
The sustainable, in-depth relationship between The Educational Ecosystem model and community partners demonstrates the Xilinx spirit of giving in this case.  Funding I provided directly to public schools to support Math, Science, and Technology curriculum.
Learning from the experts in our communities equips everyone at Xilinx to be health advocates, make healthy choices, and support organizations that are pioneering health advances.  It’s easy to attend sessions given by guest speakers, or take advantage of on-site events to learn about the latest in cancer research, diabetes tips, or how to stay heart healthy.  Besides bringing community resources into Xilinx, we go out into the community to get involved in many health-related fund-raising events that fuel research and treatment programs.
Xilinx employees partner with social services organizations that are bringing assistance to members of local and global communities.  Employee involvement helps meet the full range of human need - addressing the body, mind, and spirit.

Global Community News, Events and Awards

Educational Ecosystem Annual Event: XSJ-XCO Virtual Field Trip

The Global Educational Ecosystem, a long-standing initiative sponsored by the Xilinx Global Corporate and Community Engagement (CCE) program, aims to foster interest and skills development in the areas of math, science, technology, and literacy. The Educational Ecosystem combines Xilinx funding with the collaborative efforts of the schools and Xilinx employees as part of a holistic strategy that is systemic, impactful, and globally replicable.

One of the favorite Educational Ecosystem events is the annual “Virtual Field Trip” hosted at San Jose and Longmont sites. This year, on May 8th, more than 50 first and fifth graders from Oster Elementary School walked to the Xilinx headquarters campus in the morning.

San Jose students visit Xilinx.

After bagels and juice for breakfast, the Oster students had a teleconference with Flagstaff Academy students who were visiting the Xilinx campus in Longmont, Colorado. During the teleconference, Xilinx hosts gave presentations about Xilinx products. Students from the San Jose and Longmont schools learned about the many commonly used devices and familiar items around their homes and schools which contain Xilinx devices.

Flagstaff Academy students visit Xilinx Colorado.

After the presentation and teleconference, the students in both Xilinx locations took a tour of the Xilinx campus. In San Jose, they visited the atrium and koi pond in Building 1, the Memorial Garden, the Patent Wall, and the Xilinx Legacy Map. They also had a chance to visit the Security Control Center, which is always a highlight since students enjoy seeing all the security cameras and tracking equipment. At the Longmont site, Security and the Data Center were big hits with the students. The XCO employees also showed the students some fun software demonstrations.

The Virtual Field Trip in San Jose finished the day with a snack provided by Tom Shui, a Xilinx employee and an avid Oster volunteer. Oster and Flagstaff students each received a goodie-bag to take back to school after their day at Xilinx.

Thank you, volunteers at XSJ and XCO!

2013 Relay for Life: Xilinx Leadership Makes a Difference

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation posted the following article on their website (see below).

Congratulations to all of the XSJ employees who contributed to this year's amazing Cambrian Relay for Life event! Relay for Life, which helps the American Cancer Society, is an example of a health-related organization supported by the Xilinx Corporate and Community Engagement (CCE) Program. For more information about programs and opportunities focused on health, please visit the CCE Health web site.

Xilinx Colorado also supports Relay for Life. On June 14th, XCO employees came together with their friends and families to participate in the Longmont Relay for Life. The overnight event at Roosevelt Park raised over $65,000 so far, which will be used to support cancer research and education. The day before this event, Xilinx employees assembled and decorated five playhouses from the Habitat for Humanity, and donated one of the playhouses to the silent auction at the Relay for Life. The Xilinx team is also hosting a fundraiser golf tournament at Ute Creek Golf Course on August 14th to continue their fundraising efforts, and Xilinx employees donated 60 volunteer hours to this event.


Donations can still be made to the 2013 Cambrian Relay for Life. Click here to go to the Cambrian donation site, and then search for Team Xilinx. Click here to go to the Longmont donation page.

Company in the Community Profile: Xilinx


On April 26, 1,000 community members kicked off the 2013 Relay For Life of Cambrian, a 24-hour cancer awareness event of the American Cancer Society. As the fourth largest Relay in California, this event has raised more than $1 million for cancer research, patient and family support services, and cancer awareness since it was founded in 2009. Standing alongside American Cancer Society as a tremendous supporter and ally since this Relay's creation has been Xilinx.

Xilinx, which is headquartered in the Cambrian neighborhood of San Jose, California, has been a long-time community partner in the region, operating its signature Education Ecosystem program throughout local schools. But in 2009, as Relay For Life events popped up across the nation, and because promoting health is an engrained component of its community engagement program, Xilinx was determined to bring such an event to its home town. With Xilinx leadership, the Relay For Life of Cambrian was born.

Xilinx has continued its multi-layered support for this impactful event since that founding year, contributing corporate dollars as a headline sponsor, encouraging employee participation, fundraising and volunteering for the event, and serving in a leadership position in the event committee.

As Patty Nation, Xilinx director for corporate and community involvement, notes, "The Cambrian Relay For Life is a great opportunity for our employees to engage in giving back and helping others. Xilinx believes that when a corporation does well it should do good, and we believe Relay For Life is a great way to do good."

In 2013, Xilinx took its support for the event a step further, creating the Cambrian Relay Recess. Through grants from the Xilinx Community Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Relay Recess provided week-long educational programming about healthy lifestyles, sun protection and cancer awareness to youth in 10 elementary schools in the Cambrian community.

"Through the support of the American Cancer Society Relay Recess, Xilinx is introducing children to community involvement opportunities," said Tulin Melton, vice president of community engagement for the American Cancer Society. "The positive experience of social interaction helps organizations like the Society develop lifelong volunteers." While Relay Recesses occur throughout the United States, the Cambrian Relay Recess was the first of its kind to impact 10 different schools in a one-week cancer awareness campaign.

To date, the 2013 Relay For Life of Cambrian has raised over $300,000 for cancer research, patient and family support and awareness. With Xilinx leadership and unparalleled community support, the event has thrived, consistently exceeding its event goals, and profoundly impacting the Cambrian community in which it takes place.

A Win-Win: Xilinx and CreaTV Promote Community Communications

CreaTV San Jose

CreaTV San Jose gives residents, businesses, organizations, and schools in San Jose access to its public and education television and Internet channels. The member-based, non-profit media center was founded to inspire, educate, and connect local communities. Free airtime, along with media tools and training, give a powerful voice to diverse groups and help them deliver their stories and express their views through video.

Xilinx is a long-time supporter of CreaTV. As a member of the Xilinx Educational Ecosystem, CreaTV has partnered with Xilinx to inspire students and provide them with media and technology skills in the classroom.

Visit the CreaTV web site to view the videos created by the students at four of the San Jose schools in the Xilinx Educational Ecosystem:


Xilinx Educational Ecosystem Videos

Project Description
Videos from Fammatre Elementary School, Union Middle School, Leigh High School & Branham High School.

33 minutes, 19 seconds

XCO PPG Employees Combine Fun and Community Service

When Longmont employees gathered in the Summer Retreat parking lot on June 13th for their annual picnic, the PPG team saw it as an opportunity to do something good for the community. A group of 67 employees in this department built and painted five Habitat for Humanity playhouses!

The XCO employees also donated toys for each of the playhouses. The completed playhouses were donated to five local non-profits:

XCO Playhouses and Picnics

To learn more about Xilinx Corporate and Community Engagement (CCE) programs and opportunities focused on social service, please visit the CCE Social Service web site. To learn more about teambuilding programs and opportunities, please visit the CCE Teambuilding web site.