Environmental Health and Safety

Since Xilinx was founded twenty years ago, the values fostered by both management and employees focus on employee safety and satisfaction, being a friend to the global environment, and pursuing a sense of community both inside and outside the company. At Xilinx, our EHS Policy sustains and promotes these values.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

Xilinx is committed to the protection of the environment and to providing a safe and healthy workplace for the Xilinx community. A positive and proactive approach to EHS management is consistent with the spirit and intent of our corporate values.

Specifically we commit to:

  • Comply with applicable regulatory, industry, customer and other requirements that we subscribe to
  • Evaluate our EHS impacts through a comprehensive risk management process
  • Train and develop employees to allow them to contribute effectively to the EHS Program and to conduct their work in a manner that will achieve the organization's policy and objectives
  • Manage operations to prevent:
    • Pollution
    • Injuries and ill health, and
    • The adverse EHS impacts of our activities, products and services
  • Set and achieve objectives to continually improve our management systems and our performance to meet changing business and regulatory needs
  • Work together with our suppliers and contractors to enhance our EHS performance
  • Communicate the policy to employees, the public and all interested parties

The EHS policy will be achieved through the implementation and maintenance of the EHS Management System at all levels of the organization.

Moshe Gavrielov
President and CEO, Xilinx Inc.
April, 2008

Additional Information

View our EHS Report to discover how good EHS performance creates good business by maximizing employee safety and productivity, identifying opportunities for cost savings, delivering products with improved performance that are safer for the environment, and reducing overall business risk.

We don't just talk about these values. We live them every day through the following:

  • Environmental Leadership - From innovations in our workplaces to product design, manufacture, and shipment, Xilinx is always looking for ways to leave a smaller trace on the environment.
  • Safety Leadership - Focused on protecting workers and preventing all injuries, at Xilinx, safety is a #1 concern.
  • Community Relations - Xilinx pursues a sense of community leadership inside and outside the company. People reach out beyond the walls of Xilinx and seek to change the communities around us. For Xilinx, helping out is as natural as breathing.

Xilinx has a long-standing commitment to the protection of the environment, to providing a safe, healthful and responsibly managed work environment and to promoting positive community relations. Furthermore, Xilinx has always been committed to transparent business practices and to the highest ethical standards. These commitments are embedded in our company vision and engrained in the Xilinx Code of Social Responsibility. The Code summarizes Xilinx commitments to fair labor practices, ethical business standards and environment, health and safety protection. This Code is based upon the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct, and it draws upon several existing Xilinx documents, including: