Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd.

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Alpha Data provide a wide range of High Performance FPGA Computing cards designed to harness the power of the latest generation of Xilinx Virtex™-6, Virtex/Kintex-7 and ultrascale FPGA devices. Leading edge fully featured products are available for industry standard platforms (PCI Express, PCI-X, VPX, VXS and XMC) and operating systems (Windows, Linux and VxWorks) with flexible I/O (LVDS, High Speed Serial Copper or Optical, CameraLink, ADC and DAC, video compression/decompression, Gigabit Ethernet). A software development kit includes API and template designs in VHDL, Xilinx Vivado and Mathworks Simulink. Target application areas include DSP, Radar/Sonar, Real-time Image Processing, Software Radio, Telecom encryption, Financial Modelling and Reconfigurable computing.

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