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Full HD, 4K2K (Ultra HD), 8K4K (Super Hi-Vision) Monitors and Projectors

Professional displays for monitoring need to be the highest quality displays in the industry because they are used to judge and grade content. Integrating robust and high bandwidth video connectivity with real-time video processing results in Full HD, 4K2K, and emerging 8K4K display technologies providing a true indication of video quality.  Traditional monitors and projector systems have been comprised of separate software and hardware partitions which generate higher power consumption and heat.

Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoCs provide the ideal single-chip platform for an optimal software/hardware partition in Full HD, 4K2K, and 8K4K monitors and projectors. This addresses the performance, power, cost, and size constraints for professional broadcast systems–while enabling equipment manufacturers to stay lock-step with emerging definitions and standard.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Increase system performance with hardware acceleration for Full HD, 4K2K, and 8K4K video processing
  • Single-chip real-time video processing that supports 60, 120, and 240 frames per second
  • Highly integrated All Programmable SoC significantly reduces BOM cost and lowers overall power over complicated multichip solutions
  • Support for leading connectivity standards – SD/HD/3G-SDI, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4a/2.0
  • Support for Video over IP bridging standards – EthernetAVB and SMPTE-2022
  • Accelerate design productivity with a tightly integrated development tool flow using OpenCV, Vivado™ High-Level Synthesis, and IP Integrator
  • Reduce time to integration with SmartCore™ IP, specialized ecosystem IP and software, and operating systems

SmartCORE Solutions


 Reference Designs

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Hardware Platforms


Programmable Logic Functions

  • Video connectivity (SDI, DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0)
  • Real-time video processing functions (scaling, de-interlacing, on-screen display, pixel gray/color calibration, portrait/landscape rotation, high end video switching)
  • Memory management (MIG, VDMA)

Processor Sub-System Functions

  • OS
  • Web server
  • Dolby audio decode
  • Qt graphics library
  • Hardware drivers
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