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Integrated 80G NIC Solution

The Xilinx 80G TM NIC, based on the company’s All Programmable and Smarter Solutions, manages ingress traffic flowing from each of two 40G Ethernet MACs to PCIe DMA queues, with the capacity to classify and direct as many as one million flows using the IEEE 802.3ba 8-level priority scheme to any one of 64 DMA queues. The NIC similarly manages egress traffic across 64 DMA queues, with a 5-stage traffic manager controlling flow to the 40G MAC. The Xilinx 80G TM NIC solution directly addresses bandwidth challenges being faced by data-center appliance design teams. Conventional microprocessors cannot handle the required network traffic flows at the desired rates.

As the block diagram below illustrates, one Xilinx All Programmable device implements the Traffic Manager, a DMA controller, the PCIe ports, and the two 40G Ethernet ports and replaces two ASSPs with superior throughput, less BOM cost, and lower power consumption.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Highly integrated 80G NIC
  • 32K queues egress TM
  • 8 priority queues on ingress
  • Ingress packet classification
  • 1 million flows
  • Time stamping

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