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SDSoC Development Environment for Machine Vision Applications

Developing Machine Vision systems has traditionally demanded considerable time to design the electronics that perform the all-critical image acquisition and processing functions. Typical timeframes of over two years is normal which adversely affects the camera and system manufacturers' time to market and product roadmaps.

Xilinx's SDSoC Development Environment provides a powerful tool in the hands of Machine Vision camera designers and system integrators to develop their factory automation solutions. System developers can now develop their applications in C/C++, select critical functions to move to hardware, and directly obtain the final software and hardware design for Xilinx's devices. The simplicity and ease of the resulting methodology significantly reduces development time and enables quick deployment of the Machine Vision camera and integrated system solutions, rapid modifications (if any) to the deployed systems, and swift changes to the system functions if the end application changes.

The SDSoC development environment provides significant benefits including:

  • Generating a Full Hardware/Software System from C/C++
  • Automatic System-Level Profiling
  • Full System Optimizing Compiler
  • Automatic Generation of Hardware Connectivity and Software Drivers
  • Portability of their legacy designs in C/C++ to leverage the inherent benefits of Xilinx devices

Visit the SDSoC Development Environment site for more information.

A sample implementation of a Machine Vision application that used SDSoC Development Environment for developing the application on Xilinx Machine Vision solutions development hardware, Smart Vision Development Kit (SVDK), is available at Xilinx's Premier Partner OKI IDS Web site.

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