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Xilinx® solutions are ideal for Industrial Controllers with smallest form factor at low power consumption. The embedded Processing System of Xilinx Zynq-7000 is perfect for the execution of PLC runtimes, and the programmable Logic provides always the right number network interfaces with the communication protocols that you need. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) also runs on the same device.

No other technology allows so powerful HW acceleration with a small footprint. Graphics and video controllers reside in programmable Logic. Protocols like HSR and PRP introduce lowest possible delay and accurate synchronization over the network with IEEE1588-2008. Processor offloading is possible with IP like TCP offload engines (TOE) or network functions in hardware. Vivado™ HLS (high-level synthesis) allows you to shift even more complex software routines to the programmable Logic.

Name Function Provider Availability Device Family Support
PLC (Codesys) Codesys PLC runtime for Cortex A9 3S Software Available Zynq-7000
PLC eCLR, PLC runtime for embedded controllers KW Software Available Zynq-7000
2D and 3D logicBRICKS Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) FrameBuffer driver, DirectFB driver and OpenGL® ES* 1.1 Xylon Available Zynq-7000
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Video image capture, touch display control, audio and graphics display Xylon Available Zynq-7000
IEEE1588 PreciseTime Basic Comprehensive Master/Slave SoC-e Available Zynq-7000, Spartan-6
1588Tiny Salve/ordinary Clock SoC-e Available Zynq-7000, Spartan-6
1588TC Transparent Clock SoC-e Available Zynq-7000, Spartan-6
INTxxxx TCP/UPD Offloading Engine 1G/10G Intilop Available Virtex-5/-6
iTOE TCP Offloading Engine 1G OKI Available Kintex-7
Network Protocol Acceleration Platform Low latency communication Missing Link Electronics To Be Added Kintex-7

Xylon Reference logicBRICKS Designs

SoC-e Reference Design

NETBox HSR/PRP/IEEE 1588 Development Kit and Reference System

  • On-board LAN9303 Ethernet Switch to combine Reliable Ethernet with regular Ethernet
  • UART/GPIO/GPS Clock/JTAG/PMOD connectors for versatile connectivity
  • User OLED Graphics Display
  • EHIZtari PC HSR/PRP Network Analysis and Testing tool available

Contact: industrial@soc-e.com

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