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The Smart Grid is evolving from a centralized control with low visibility to incorporating de-centralized computing and communications.  Delivering real-time information from monitoring power sources' current, voltage and spectrum, data acquired can be analyzed in real-time to determine system power factors and control related data.  This data can then be used to control and improve efficiency of the grid and help minimize severity of power interruptions.

From updating an aging power infrastructure to setting up intelligent monitoring and control of power sources for load balancing to prevent power outages during peak demand periods, to new installations for burgeoning power, users in rapidly growing countries' populous, the demand resulting in smarter connected control of the Smart Grid continues to increase.

Xilinx technology plays a critical role across a multitude of usages in the ever evolving Smart Grids powering the worlds countries and their energy ecosystems. It enables monitoring vast systems of a variety of sensors with different interfaces, achieve real-time synchronization of the acquired data, and orchestrate synchronous control across the entire power grid. Xilinx’s products are found in every node of the modern power grid to manage, control and protect uninterrupted and efficient power delivery to the user.

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