Community Engagement

A Generation Ahead of Our Community

Xilinx Global Corporate and Community Engagement program is an integral component of the company's culture and supports charitable giving and projects that provide positive change with measurable results within its communities. Through these programs, Xilinx makes a positive impact on the global communities which includes customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and other global stakeholders.

To do this, Xilinx creates global teams and programs consisting of charitable giving and other projects that help define the standard for impacting the global community. Xilinx desires to not only exceed these established standards, but also to set new ones.

Our Mission

To partner with local and global leaders to improve the quality of life in our communities, while instilling pride in our employees, fostering a passion for excellence, and providing an environment that result in personal and professional growth.

Our Vision

To have a systemic social impact in our local and global communities through outreach, volunteerism, teambuilding, and philanthropy in the areas of Education, Health, Arts, and Social Services.


The Arts

The Arts

Music, poetry, theater, painting, dance and other forms of the arts nurture creativity and self-expression. Xilinx is proud to provide support to the organizations that bring the arts into local communities. Actively participating and donating to events and projects that foster the arts enriches all of us and encourages us to discover and embrace a sense of freedom and expression.


Around the world, Xilinx employees included Community Service in their holiday plans. Here are a few examples of the December 2013 events at Xilinx sites.


As is their tradition, Xilinx Singapore made a generous donation towards the annual "ChariTrees" event, which seeks to raise funds for more than 300,000 beneficiaries of Community Chest. The fundraising event is coordinated by Singapore's National Council of Social Service. For 2013, the theme was "Story Trees" and comprised Christmas trees displayed along the scenic Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade depicting their beneficiaries' struggles, applauding their relentless efforts in improving their lives and celebrating their triumphs in overcoming challenges. These stories also illustrated the good work done by charities in bringing joy, cheer, and meaning to beneficiaries' lives.

The beneficiaries' touching and uplifting stories inspired students from LASALLE College of the Arts to retell these stories through their creative handcrafted decorations, which represented the grit, determination, and dreams of the beneficiaries.

The Xilinx ChariTree, customized by the students, was called "Reflection" and was inspired by an elderly gentleman. Now 82 years of age, this gentleman used to be lonely and depressed due to his medical condition. A volunteer from a charity struck up a friendship with him and arranged for treatment in a hospital. The man was so grateful and inspired that he eventually ended up volunteering at the same charity. The students created many three-sided hollow pyramids made of a clear plastic material into which they placed cracked mirrors. The cracks in the mirrors gradually decrease as the pyramids spiral up the tree until they totally disappear, depicting how this elderly man changed from someone who needed help to someone who helped others. Xilinx volunteers added laminated red Xilinx logos which were hung all over the tree, to signify our partnership with Community Chest in bringing hope to the lives of the less fortunate.

Dublin, Ireland

Employees in Dublin had a special holiday treat from the students at St. Aidan's school in Brookfield, who put on a performance for employees at Xilinx during a lunch break on Dec 17th. In addition to good food and good company, employees got to enjoy good music from the students who sang Christmas carols. One student stole the show - his "Frosty the Snowman" costume and act was a big hit with everyone that day. The event got all of the XIR employees in the mood for Christmas and ended the year on a great note.

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom 

Albert Einstein



Xilinx’s corporate strategy for community engagement revolves around education by partnering with nonprofits to bring support to schools where Xilinx employees are connected and active. This employee involvement, complemented by funding, enhances core focus subjects – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math – and helps meet special needs so that every child has a chance to give back to society. Learn more...


For the last seven years, Xilinx Educational Ecosystem grants have fostered collaborations between public schools, nonprofit organizations, and Xilinx. The goal is to advance learning about science and engineering and to promote careers in related fields. The award-winning ecosystem model has grown beyond the San Jose, California community to other major sites (Longmont, Colorado; Dublin, Ireland; Hyderabad, India; and Singapore).

Spring is a busy season for the Educational Ecosystem as school years in San Jose, Longmont, and Dublin come to an end. Thanks to employee volunteers, several events gave elementary and high school students a close look at the exciting field of technology.

Junior Achievement: "JA in a Day"
Fammatre Elementary School, San Jose

  • Twelve employees joined other volunteers to teach grades K through 5 (5 years old to 11 years old) about financial literacy, business acumen, and job skills.
  • This was the final "JA in a Day" of the school year for elementary schools in the Educational Ecosystem in San Jose.

Junior Achievement: "Make Math Matter and Math through Sports"
Dublin, Ireland

  • Employees collectively volunteered 36 hours over 5 weeks to implement Junior Achievement's "Make Math Matter" program in the classroom to help heighten student's interest in math and the fields in which math is heavily used.
  • Employees collectively volunteered 24 hours at the Tallaght Leisure Centre to provide Junior Achievement's "Working it Out" where they helped students understand how math is used in sports and everyday life.

Engineers Ireland: "Engineering Your Future"
Dublin, Ireland

  • Employees hosted 35 high-school-age students at Xilinx for a site tour. This time at Xilinx is part of an engineering school program for students in their transition year and helps them observe career opportunities if they became an engineer. Students also get a chance to talk to Xilinx engineers to find out what they do and how they got to their position in the tech industry.

Virtual Field Trip
April 23rd, Oster Elementary School (San Jose), Flagstaff Academy (Longmont)

  • Thirty 5th grade (10-11 years old) and twenty 1st grade (5-6 years old) students came to the San Jose campus while twenty students in grades 6 through 8 (11-13 years old) visited the Colorado campus.
  • Ten Longmont employees hosted a "Lunch & Learn" about technology careers and education paths.

    The students at both sites were able to video conference with each other. Xilinx employees presented about the company and the technology Xilinx produces – including the video conferencing technology they were using. The kids had a great time doing the wave across two states and getting a chance to talk to each other.

    The video conference was followed by site tours. The security center was a hit in San Jose; in Colorado, the massive data center was the highlight. The students love getting a chance to come to a big tech campus and see where they could potentially work in the future.

STEM Scholarships
May 16th Awards Reception, San Jose

  • V.P. of Finance and Treasurer, Eddie Lee, Senior Director of Technology, Patrick Lysaght, and V.P. of Corporate Strategy and Marketing, Steve Glaser, presented 21 scholarships.
  • Recipients included high school seniors that plan to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) at San Jose State University and other colleges near the San Jose campus.
  • Xilinx and principals of the five schools in Campbell Union High School District (Leigh, Branham, Del Mar, Prospect, and Westmont) jointly selected the scholarship winners.

    The scholarship recipients will be regularly contacted by our CCE team, with the hope of bringing some of them back as interns or new hires.
    Here's a documentary to further explain Xilinx's Educational Ecosystem.

Some people see things as they are and ask, ‘Why?’ I see things as they have never been and ask, ‘Why not? 

George Bernard Shaw



Learning from the experts in our community equips everyone at Xilinx to be health advocates, make healthy choices, and support organizations that are pioneering health advances. Besides bringing community resources into Xilinx, we go out into the community to get involved in many health-related fund-raising events that fuel research and treatment programs.


One of Xilinx's primary community engagement initiatives around health involves supporting organizations and programs that help those battling cancer. 

Since leading the efforts to start a local Relay for Life event in 2009, San Jose employees have participated and volunteered at the Cambrian fundraisers for the American Cancer Society. Employees in Longmont, Colorado are also strong supporters of the event in their area, forming a team every year to fundraise and walk.

In addition to participating as a team, both sites hold additional fundraisers leading up to the event. In San Jose, Xilinx supports local schools in the area host a Relay Recess week where they can hold cancer awareness events and promote healthy living awareness. They also host a campus-wide raffle and celebrate Fight Back Week, which raises cancer awareness and celebrates the birthdays of those who have fought and are fighting cancer.

In addition to forming a team for Relay, The Longmont employees organize and participate in an annual golf tournament as a fundraiser for their Relay for Life team. .

The executive team has always lent strong support to the events, with V.P.'s and CEO, Moshe Gavrielov, regularly speaking at the event and participating as volunteers.

Check out a video of Relay for Life in San Jose this year.

The first wealth is health. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Social Service

Social Service

From the first minutes of life to our last days, every human being needs the help of others. Xilinx employees partner with social services organizations that are bringing assistance to members of local communities. Employee involvement helps meet the full range of human need – addressing the body, mind, and spirit – and embraces proactive approaches that prepare for the future.


On Thursday, May 29, 2014, Xilinx held its second Annual Global Day of Giving. Service activities were organized and carried out at 11 offices in 8 countries across 3 continents, and contributed more than a thousand hours of volunteering to more than 21 non-profit community organizations and charities. The 2014 Global Day of Giving truly made a huge difference in many lives.

Besides the impactful results, the day was a fun opportunity for teambuilding. Site coordinators and the CCE program team lined up diverse and flexible volunteering options including convenient drop-in service projects. APAC sites kicked-off the Global Day of Giving, with follow-the-sun activities concluding late in the day in San Jose.

Some additional highlights from this year's events:

  • 25% more employees, 59% more hours than last year
  • More sites, with events added in Kista, Sweden; Estonia; Albuquerque; and Taiwan
  • Singapore: 607 bags of food (up from 438 last year)
  • Beijing: washer machine and toys purchased for an orphanage (7 employees provided the labor needed to deliver the washer)
  • San Jose: 7 projects, benefitting 9 organizations

Two of Xilinx's larger sites, Longmont Colorado and Hyderabad, India, really stepped up to the plate with the number of employees that participated in an activity as well as the variety of ways in which the employees gave back.

In Hyderabad, employees held a blood drive where 135 employees donated blood. They also held a clothing collection where they filled two large boxes full of clothing to be donated. They also continued to operate a water kiosk that employees help establish and volunteer at on a daily basis. This kiosk provides clean water for drinking for the surrounding families.

In Longmont, employees divided into 8 teams that partnered with 3 organizations and headed out to 5 different locations around the area. Still recovering from the devastating floods that occurred in the fall of 2013, employees chose to focus their efforts on helping a variety of people and spaces continue to recover from the damage of the flooding. The efforts ranged from helping construct replacement homes for two families to repairing basements of homes to removing debris and fixing up a farm as well as a park.

Given the opportunity, it was very powerful to see Xilinx employees so willing to give back to their local communities on the Global Day of Giving.

Here's a photo album of the activities that Xilinx employees engaged in around the world.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 

Margaret Mead