C++ Design Libraries

A number of design libraries are provided with the SDSoC installation. The C libraries allow common hardware design constructs and functions to be easily modeled in C and synthesized to RTL. The following C libraries are provided:

  • Arbitrary Precision Data Types Library
  • HLS Stream Library
  • HLS Math Library
  • HLS Video Library
  • HLS IP Library
  • HLS Linear Algebra Library
  • HLS DSP Library

You can use each of the C libraries in your design by including the library header file. These header files are located in the include directory in the SDSoC Environment installation area ($HOME_SDSOC/Vivado_HLS/include).

Important: The header files for the Vivado HLS C libraries do not have to be in the include path if the C++ code is used in the SDSoC environment.