Supported Targeted Reference Designs

Targeted Reference Designs (TRDs) Vivado Description
Artix™-7 AC701 Base TRD 2013.3 Gen2 x4 PCIe to DDR3 subsystem with a NWL DMA
- 10 Gbps performance
Zynq™-7000 ZC702 Base TRD 2013.3 Video example with hardware acceleration
- Pattern generator to HDMI output
- Supports Vivado IP Integrator
Kintex™-7 DSP TRD 2013.3 High-speed analog LVDS interface with DUC/DDC
- Filters overclocked at 491.75 MHZ
- Supports Vivado Analyzer with VIO
Kintex-7 Connectivity TRD 2013.3 Gen2 x8 PCIe to 2 x 10GE subsystem with a NWL DMA
- 20 Gbps performance
Virtex-7 XT VC709 Connectivity TRD 2013.3 Gen3 x8 PCIe to DDR3 with a NWL DMA
AMS TRD 2013.3 Uses the AMS101 Evaluation Card and AMS evaluator tools to perform measurements on the XADCs
- FFT, decimation, linearity, voltage, temperature tests
- Supports Zynq and 7-series platforms