ISE WebPACK 8.2i Frequently Asked Questions

Devices and Feature Support
Download / Install
1. Do I have to be a system administrator to install ISE WebPACK?

Windows2000 users must have system administrator or power user privileges to write to your registry. If you use ISE WebPACK with 3rd party software like LeonardoSpectrum or Model Sim XE III (MXE-III), you will need to write the registry. For those of you behind a firewall or who have company restrictions, consult with your system administrator if you have problems with your proxy server.

Installation on Red Hat Enterprise 3 or 4 Linux requires that you log on as 'root' to successfully install ISE WebPACK. Because the installation is installing drivers on the system, the installation will not be successful unless you are logged in as 'root'. 

2. Can the ISE WebPACK be installed on the same drive as existing Xilinx tools?
Yes, if the ISE WebPACK tools are installed to their own directory they may be installed on the same hard drive as existing Xilinx tools.
3. Are there tools available with ISE Foundation that are not included in ISE WebPACK?
No, ISE WebPACK includes all the features and functionality of our award-willing ISE Foundation Design Tools. The difference is that ISE Foundation support all device in the FPGA device families. ISE WebPACK does not include support for some of the larger FPGAs.
4. How do I get a project started?
  1. From the Project Navigator, select File -> New Project. The New Project dialog box will appear.
  2. In the Project Name box, type in a name for your project.
  3. Select a directory for the project files by specifying the project location. You may type in the path, or you may click the browse button to find a directory to place the files.
  4. Click the Device Family value and the installed Xilinx families appear. 
  5. Select a family from the list, and then click in the Device value box on the second row to select specific devices. Repeat for packages and speed selection.
  6. Select the Design Flow value box and select the language and compiler you want to use for design synthesis. 
  7. Once your project is set up you can select the Project Navigator Project menu item and either create a new source or add an existing source.
    Additional information on these processes may be found under the Help menu >> ISE Help Contents selection.
5. Unable to open the setup. Error code - 2147024890 Loading page, please wait, what does this error mean?
This message occurs when you try to open the Web Install download page in Netscape without IE being installed on your PC. This is required even if you are not using the IE browser.
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Devices and Feature Support
1. What devices are supported in the ISE WebPACK applications?
ISE WebPACK 8.2i supports the devices in the table below:
Virtex™ Series Virtex-E: XCV50E - XCV600E
Virtex-II: XC2V40 - XC2V600
Virtex-II Pro: XC2VP2 - XC2VP7
Spartan™ Series Spartan-II: ALL
Spartan-IIE: ALL
Spartan-3: XC3S50 - XC3S1500
Spartan-3E: ALL
Spartan-3A: ALL
CoolRunner XPLA3
XC9500 / XL / XV Families All
2. What features are available in ISE WebPACK?
See the ISE WebPACK feature support matrix.
3. Is there a difference between the ISE WebPACK and other Xilinx tools with respect to Fitter or Placing performance?
No, the ISE WebPACK software contains the same PLD routing algorithms as the other ISE family members. This will result in similar performance.
4. What are the limitations of ModelSim Xilinx Edition III (MXE-III) Starter?
The limits for MXE-III Starter are 10,000 lines of debuggable code. Beyond this limit, the processing begins to slow down, but does not stop. The usefulness of this software is going to depend on coding style and type of simulation (either functional or timing) that is desired.
5. What are the limitations of the ISE Simulator Lite?
The limits for the ISE Simulator Lite are similar to the MXE-III Starter, 10,000 lines of debuggable code. Beyond this limit, the processing begins to slow down, but does not stop. The usefulness of this software is going to depend on coding style and type of simulation (either functional or timing) that is desired.
6. Can I update to the full versions of ISE Simulator or MXE-III?
ISE WebPACK users can upgrade from MXE-III Starter to full MXE-III. MXE-III is available from the Xilinx Online Store.

ISE WebPACK users cannot, however, upgrade to the full version of ISE Simulator. ISE Simulator is available as a Xilinx Development Option for ISE Foundation.

7. What software is needed to just program from a stand alone laptop?
ISE WebPACK provides a modular approach that will allow you to select just the software that is desired. From the ISE WebPACK Home page select WebInstall and follow the options for installation of the CPLD Programming Tools.
8. How do I reset the speed grade for a CPLD device? For an FPGA?
For either CPLDs or FPGAs the speed grade is selected as part of the device Project Properties set when the project is created. To change the device's speed double click on the project's device and select a different speed device.
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1. Does ISE WebPACK support simulation for ABEL devices? and how?
Yes, the ISE WebPACK integrates the ABEL Version 7.5 language and has integrated design flows ABEL-XST VHDL and ABEL-XST Verilog to facilitate simulation. 

See the Project Properties menu under design flows. These flows provide Verilog and VHDL netlists which can be functionally simulated in HDL Bencher and post-fit simulated using back annotated timing using Model Sim XE starter. 
2. How can I get older ISE WebPACK software for recompiling a legacy design?
The ISE Classics page has links to all the older software tools. These older design versions can be downloaded as needed. The older versions of software should be installed to different directories than the current version of ISE WebPACK in order to prevent software conflicts.  
3. Is there support available for ISE WebPACK?
ISE WebPACK  utilizes Web-based support. The same hotline experts that serve customers with issues regarding ISE Foundation and other products, provide web-based support, but web questions are assigned a lower priority than full paying software customers. All questions will be answered within 10 days. For faster service, direct support packages are available for Web tools and may be purchased by calling your local Xilinx representative.  
4. When will ISE WebPACK be updated?
ISE WebPACK is part of the Xilinx software configuration scheme. ISE WebPACK will utilize the same installer as the ISE Foundation. This enhancement will also allow the ISE WebPACK to be updated from a service pack. If you have downloaded the WebInstall applet this will automatically update your software when invoked.
5. What platforms support ISE WebPACK?
The supported platforms are: Windows XP, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 (Chinese, Korean, US, Japanese) as well as Red Hat Enterprise 3 and 4 Linux (32-bit only).
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