Using the ModelSim Simulator
Xilinx® ISE® provides an integrated flow with the Model Technology ModelSim simulator which enables simulation to run from the Xilinx Project Navigator graphical user interface. After ModelSim is installed and configured in your ISE session preferences, all applicable ModelSim simulation Processes and Properties are available to you in the Processes tab.
Note The Configure ModelSim Simulator process appears when you specify ModelSim as the project simulator and you do not have ModelSim installed correctly or configured in ISE.
This topic contains information about:
  •  Installing ModelSim
  •  Configuring ModelSim in ISE
  •  Specifying ModelSim as your Project Simulator
Installing ModelSim
The ModelSim simulator is available in three different editions: ModelSim XE, ModelSim PE and ModelSim SE.
  •  ModelSim XE - ModelSim Xilinx Edition III (MXE III) is the Xilinx version of ModelSim which is based on ModelSim PE. For general information about MXE III and how to obtain MXE III, go to:
  •  ModelSim PE and ModelSim SE - ModelSim PE and ModelSim SE are the full versions of the ModelSim product that can be purchased directly from Model Technology. For more information on purchasing ModelSim PE or SE, go to the Model Technology website,
Configuring ModelSim in ISE
All ModelSim simulator editions are configured in ISE in the Integrated Tools page of the Edit > Preferences dialog box.  To configure ModelSim or confirm your configuration setting:
  1.  Select Edit > Preferences.
  2.  In the left-pane window of the Preferences dialog box, expand the ISE General hierarchy.
  3.  Click Integrated Tools.
  4.  In the Integrated Tools page, locate the Model Tech Simulator field.  
  5.  If the Model Tech Simulator does not contain the correct path or execuable file, click the browse button to search for the ModelSim executable, or type in the path and executable file in the field.
Note If you change the Model Tech Simulator path or executable, you must restart Project Navigator for the settings to take effect.
Once the configuration is correctly set, you can simulate your design with ModelSim.
Specifying ModelSim as your Project Simulator
You can specify ModelSim as the simulator for your project as follows:
  •  Create a project using the New Project Wizard, and specify ModelSim in the Simulator field. Image
  •  To an existing project, change the Simulator field to ModelSim in the Project Properties dialog box. Image
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