CPLD Design Kit


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Please consider purchasing the NEW Digilent CPLD Starter kit.

Product Details


Device Family Support

  • XC9500XL
  • CoolRunner-II

Everything you need to develop and verify Xilinx CPLD designs.

The CPLD Design Kit is a RoHS compliant product that is a starter board with AA battery holder populated with: XC2C256-7TQ144 CoolRunner®-II CPLD and XC9572XL-10VQ44 CPLD. JTAG cable for easy download of your design to the CPLD on your design kit board. Programmable Logic HandBook that details Xilinx CPLD and FPGA programmable logic devices and software.

What's Included

  • Prototyping Board
  • XC2C256-7TQ144 CoolRunner-II CPLD
  • XC9572XL-10VQ44 CPLD
  • Download cable
  • ISE™ WebPACK
  • Programmable Logic Handbook
  • Resource CD

Key Features

  • Starter Board with AA Battery Holder (Part # DO-CPLD-DK-G)
  • JTAG Cable
  • Programmable Logic Handbook
  • CPLD Design Kit Resource CD
  • Design resources include: Programmable Logic Handbook and ISE 6 Software Interactive Tutorial for Xilinx CPLDs
  • Support for the CoolRunner-II Design Kit is available through Digilent Inc.
  • ISE WebPACK Software Support

Targeted Applications

  • Encryption Devices
  • Telecom / Datacom
  • Test Equipment
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