CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit – Featuring the DataGATE Low-Power Advantage


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Please consider purchasing the new CPLD Starter Board.

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  • CoolRunner-II

A complete tool box to help designers develop the latest CPLD designs

The CoolRunner™-II CPLD starter kit provides an out-of-the-box solution with all the tools necessary to evaluate and implement your designs using a high performance, low-power CPLD.

Solution Highlights:

  • DataGATE switch allows designers to easily evaluate this unique power option that permits input signal blocking, stops input switching and and significantly reduces power that extends battery life.
  • Versatile expansion mechanism allows designers to easily add functions such as analog-to-digital conversion, servo motor interface, serial flash, RS232 serial channel, and more than 20 other peripheral modules. (Peripheral Module Bundle Kit)
  • New easy-to-use GUI utility makes set-up and programming simple and quick. Also includes:
    • Multi-channel, real-time monitoring of CPLD core and I/O bank current and voltage, as well as ambient temperature
    • CPLD programming, readback, and verification
    • Security settings option
    • User-data transfers between PC and CPLD
    • Full API support so custom applications can directly program and access CPLD

What's Included

  • CoolRunner-II CPLD evaluation board with an XC2C256-TQ144 device
  • USB 2.0 cable for power, programming, and data transfer
  • 9V battery connector for optional battery power
  • QuickStart guide
  • ISE® WebPACK™ software
  • Resource CD includes documentation and free reference designs

Key Features

  • Complete "Out-of-the-Box" evaluation platform
  • CoolRunner-II Utility Window
  • Easy set-up and monitoring
  • DataGATE evaluation "switch"
  • Free reference designs

Targeted Applications

Intelligent handheld devices, remote monitoring, wireless interfacing, and glue logic across any number of industries.

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