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  • Part Number: eSOL-eT-Kernel
  • Vendor: eSOL Co., Ltd
  • Program Tier: Member

Product Description

The eT-Kernel real-time OS is designed for embedded systems that require superior real-time capability and reliability. eT-Kernel is based on the open TRON architecture which is the most widely adopted in various embedded systems in Japan and Asian countries. eT-Kernel is scalable with multiple profiles to fit any system size and purpose. These profiles include POSIX-compliant eT-Kernel/POSIX, enhanced eT-Kernel/Extended supporting memory protection and process model, and basic eT-Kernel/Compact. eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition is available for multi-core processors featuring its unique Blended Scheduling(R) that enables the coexistence of both symmetrical (SMP) and asymmetrical (AMP) multi-core processing, in a single system. eT-Kernel has proved its value in a wide range of embedded systems such as car navigation systems, aerospace, consumer electronics, and more.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast real-time response
  • High reliability
  • High scalability
  • Multi-core-ready
  • POSIX-compliant
  • Proven track record in automotive/consumer products
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