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Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)

Product Description

The Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) LogiCORE™ IP converts stereo audio from one sample frequency to another. The input and output sample frequencies may be an arbitrary fraction of one another or the same frequency, but based on different clocks. The output is a band-limited version of the input, re-sampled to match the output sample timing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully Asynchronous Up-Conversion, Down-Conversion, and 1:1 Asynchronous Conversion
  • -133 dB THD + N  Typical  (Range: -126 dB  to -139 dB)
  • Input Rates 8 kHz to 192 kHz; Output Rates 8 kHz to 192 kHz; Conversion Ratio 1:7.5 (Down) to 8:1 (Up); All Continuous
  • 24-bit Audio Word Width In and Out
  • Choice of Automatic Ratio Detection (Including Rate Change Tracking  or Varispeed) or Manual Ratio Control Automatic Ratio Detection
  • Efficient Multi-channel Expansion.  Expand to 8 Stereo Pairs for only 60% Additional Resources Compared to One Stereo Pair
  • Sample Clock Jitter Rejection. Retains full performance over AES3-2003 jitter tolerance curve
  • Low, Deterministic Latency
  • Lock Status Outputs Provided for External Muting

This core is removed from the IP Catalog as of 2014.2.  Users who need an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) can request an unsupported copy of the source code from the lounge.

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  • Bundled With: ISE Design Suite
  • License: Xilinx End User License Agreement
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