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UMTS/3GPP Turbo Convolutional Decoder

Product Description

The TCC decoder is used in conjunction with a TCC encoder to provide an extremely effective way of transmitting data reliably over noisy data channels. The Turbo decoder operates very well under low signal to noise conditions and provides a performance close to the theoretical optimal performance as defined by the Shannon limit. This version of the TCC (Turbo Convolution Code)decoder is designed to meet the 3GPP mobile communication system specification.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Implements the 3GPP/UMTS specification
  • Core contains the full 3GPP interleaver
  • Full 3GPP block size range supported: 40 - 5114
  • Core implements the MAX*, MAX or MAX SCALE algorithms
  • Dynamically selectable number of Iterations from 1-15
  • Number representation: two’s complement fractional numbers: Data input: 2 or 3 integer bits and 1 to 4 fractional bits; Internal Calculations: 6 or 7 integer bits and 1 to 4 fractional bits
  • Fast Termination option
  • Support for rate 1/3 or rate 1/5 coded input

This IP Core has been discontinued. Effective Date: 03/24/2014

  • Status: Discontinued

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