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Modular Media Over IP

  • Status: Discontinued
  • Part Number:

Product Description

Xilinx provides a flexible, scalable and transparent framework to encapsulate professional video, audio and data onto IP networks according to industry standard and proprietary protocols, accelerating time to market and driving the convergence of broadcast and IP networks.

The Xilinx® Modular Media over IP cores are part of a framework that enables the implementation of a variety of video, audio and data over IP protocols, including SMPTE ST 2022 and VSF TR-03/04 but scalable and flexible to support future enhancements for other professional AV and broadcast protocols. Based on the AXI interconnect standard, cores for encapsulation/packetization, forward error correction (FEC), hitless/seamless protection switching are provided. Integrated with other IO cores for SDI and Ethernet, these can be parameterized and optimized to support the transport of multiple channels of SD/HD and 3G-SDI over a 10Gb Ethernet network, or compressed transport streams over 1GbE or 10GbE. This modular approach means that lightweight codecs such as  Barco Silex VC-2, intoPIX TICO and Sony LLVC, also designed to work with AXI-based systems, can be more easily integrated by users and ecosystem partners into video over IP designs for 4K 60Hz transport (for example) and to support other baseband video formats such as HDMI and DisplayPort, not just SDI/ASI. The modular media over IP cores have also been improved to manage data flow more intelligently between them, making any bottlenecks that may occur in the user's design completely transparent and controllable.  

The Modular Media over IP cores can be implemented in Xilinx 7-series and UltraScale™ FPGAs and reference designs will be provided to show how to use the modular framework in different use cases, beginning with ST 2022-5,6,7 and now including TR-03/04.

Key Features and Benefits

  • ST2022-6 Packetizer Module
    • Converts SDI into a media datagram stream in accordance with the SMPTE ST 2022-6 protocol
  • ST2022-6 Depacketizer Module
    • Converts received SMPTE ST 2022-6 RTP packets into SDI
  • RFC4175 Packetizer Module
    • Converts native video into a media datagram stream in accordance with the RFC4175 protocol used by VSF Technical Recommendation TR-03
  • RFC4175 Depacketizer Module
    • Converts received RFC4175 media datagrams into native video
  • RFC3190 Packetizer Module
    • Converts audio samples into a media datagram stream in accordance with the RFC3190 protocol used by VSF Technical Recommendation TR-03

This IP Core has been discontinued. Effective Date: 5/24/2017
Not recommended for new designs. The core is removed from IP catalog as of 2017.2. Please contact Macnica Technology, our IP partner, for available alternative IP.

  • RFC3175 Depacketizer Module
    • Converts received RFC3190 Media datagrams into audio samples
  • Framer Module
    • Adds the Ethernet, IP and UDP headers to incoming RTP packets
  • Decapsulator Module
    • Accepts Ethernet packets and performs header stripping (output RTP packets), channel matching and filtering, video stream detection and video frame boundary alignment.
  • Forward Error Correction Modules
    • The modular media over IP license includes a license for the Xilinx Video Over IP FEC core to perform FEC encoding and recovery according to ST2022-1 and ST2022-5


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