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UltraScale / UltraScale+ Interlaken

Product Description

The Xilinx® LogiCORE™ IP UltraScale™ architecture integrated IP core for Interlaken is a scalable chip-to-chip interconnect protocol designed to enable the following for use in select UltraScale architectures:

  • The lane logic only mode allows each serial transceiver to be used to build a fully featured Interlaken interface. In devices with 48 serial transceivers, up to 600 Gb/s of total throughput can be sustained.
  • The protocol logic supported in each integrated IP core scales up to 150 Gb/s. The Interlaken integrated IP core solution is designed to be compliant with Interlaken Protocol Definition, Revision 1.2, October 7, 2008.
  • The integrated IP core implements both the lane logic and protocol logic portions of the specification, which saves approximately 60k+ System Logic Cells per instantiation and uses about 1/8th the power of equivalent soft implementations.

Xilinx provides a no charge UltraScale architecture integrated IP core for Interlaken to first time success in Time to Market with low power and less logic resources resulting in reduced cost to the customer.

Key Features & Benefits

  • A total bandwidth up to 150 Gb/s, available in the following configurations
    • Up to 12 lanes at 3.125 Gb/s to 12.5 Gb/s date rate
    • Up to 6 lanes x 12.5 Gb/s to 25.78125 Gb/s
  • Data striping and de-striping across 1 to 12 lanes
  • Lane decommissioning
  • Supports both packet and burst interleaved modes
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  • Bundled With: Vivado Design Suite
  • License: Xilinx End User License Agreement

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