Point to Point 1024QAM Microwave Modem

Product Description

Fully adaptive 1 Gbps point to point microwave modem IP for mobile backhaul applications.

The Xilinx 1024QAM Microwave Modem IP is designed for wireless backhaul networks with reliability, timing, and cost constraints. This IP is a fully adaptive, low-footprint, low-power modem solution for indoor and full outdoor point-to-point microwave links. It supports a 1Gbps, single-channel, raw-data throughput and has an integrated digital pre-distortion module.

All integrated versions of the modem are supported by the Zynq™-7000 SoC platform, Artix™ and Kintex™ family of devices. This Xilinx solution for a 1024QAM Microwave Modem conserves considerable PCB board space and power versus competing design solutions. The modem incorporates all PHY layer features including QPSK-1024QAM modulation, 3.5-112MHz bandwidth support, adaptive modulation, adaptive DPD, FEC, I/Q imbalance correction, automatic frequency recovery, and a hybrid decision-directed equalizer. It also features an integrated payload controller and a configuration interface.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Interface: parallel I/Q baseband, complex IF or real IF
  • Modulation: QPSK to 1024QAM
  • Symbol rate: software configurable 2-100 Msym/s with sub-MHz precision
  • FCC and ETSI channels are available and tested for spectral mask compliance
  • Payload interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, STM-1, n x E1/T1
  • Bandwidth: software configurable 3.5 to 112MHz
  • Automatic correction of Tx and Rx IQ impairments in DSP
  • Rx delay equalizer
  • Adaptive Modulation with software defined profile
  • Closed loop adaptive Digital Pre-Distortion
  • Reed-Solomon FEC with configurable coderate
  • Convolutional interleaver with configurable depth
  • Hybrid Decision Directed Equalizer
  • DPLL module for synchronizing payload clock over link for SyncE and SDH/TDM
  • Analogue AGC control
  • ATPC closed loop support in hardware

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