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PowerPC 405 (Virtex-4)

Product Description

The PPC405 Virtex®-4 is a wrapper around the Virtex-4 PowerPC™ 405 Processor Block primitive. For details regarding the PowerPC 405, see the PowerPC 405 Processor Block Reference Guide.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Processor Local Bus (PLB) version 4.6 interfaces
  • Dual Instruction-side and dual data-side PLB interfaces, with user-selectable address ranges and clock frequency translation
  • Instruction-side and data-side On-Chip Memory (OCM) interfaces, with user-selectable address ranges
  • PowerPC 405 Auxiliary Processor Unit (APU) controller interface, with User-Defined Instruction decoding (UDI)

Tools and Device Support

Device Family Support:

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