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PowerPC 440 Virtex-5

Product Description

The PPC440 Virtex®-5 is a wrapper around the Virtex-5 Embedded Block primitive. For details regarding the Virtex-5 Embedded Block, see the Embedded Processor Block in Virtex-5 FPGAs Reference Guide.

Key Features & Benefits

  • PowerPC 440x5 dual-issue, superscalar 32-bit embedded processor developed by IBM
  • 32 KB instruction cache, 32 KB data cache
  • Memory Management Unit (MMU)
  • Crossbar interconnect with 9 inputs and 2 outputs (128 bits wide), inplemented in hardware
  • 128-bit Processor Local Bus (PLB) version 4.6 interfaces
  • High-speed memory controller interface
  • Four DMA controllers with LocalLink channel interfaces
  • Auxiliary Processor Unit (APU) controller and interface for connecting FPU or custom coprocessor

Tools and Device Support

Device Family Support:

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