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Defense-grade Virtex-6Q LXT FPGAs

Optimized for high-performance logic and DSP with low-power serial connectivity, Virtex®-6Q LXT defense-grade FPGAs deliver 6.6Gbps GTX transceivers and built-in PCIe® and tri-mode Ethernet MAC blocks that help meet higher bandwidth and performance demands with less power.

Defense-grade Virtex-6Q LXT FPGAs Benefits

  • High-speed logic fabric enhanced with twice as many flip-flops as previous generation Virtex FPGAs for pipelined designs
  • Higher ratio of DSP48E1 slices to support high-performance DSP
  • Higher ratio of block RAM enables data buffering and supports the requirements for DSP
  • 25% lower power consumption: <150mW (typ) at 6.6Gbps
  • Up to 36 GTX transceivers in a single FPGA
  • Highly flexible clocking enables independent Rx and Tx operation to effectively double the number of transceivers available for certain applications
  • Obtain assured compliance with popular standards such as 10/40/100G Ethernet, PCI Express,OC-48, XAUI, SRIO, and HD-SDI
  • Second-generation integrated PCI Express blocks and third-generation Tri-mode Ethernet MAC blocks make it easy to implement popular interfaces
  • Accelerate development with connectivity kit for Virtex-6 FPGAs
  • ChipSync™ source-synchronous technology makes it easy to meet the toughest timing requirements for industry-standard and custom protocols
  • Reduce power with dynamically controlled three-statable digitally controlled impedance
  • Built-in support for DDR3 memory
    • Write leveling
    • Dynamic clock inversion control
    • Low jitter performance path clocking
  • Memory Interface Generator tool makes it easy to build reliable interfaces to the latest high-performance memories, including DDR3 and DDR2 SDRAM, QDR II+ SRAM, and RLDRAM II

Virtex-6Q FPGA Features

Features LXT SXT
40nm ExpressFabric™ architecture with 6-input LUTs
600MHz clock management tiles (2 MMCM) 6 - 18 12 - 18
600MHz block RAM (1,000Kbits) 5.6 - 25.9 25.3 - 38.3
1.40Gbps SelectIO with ChipSync technology
6.6Gbps GTX transceivers 12 - 36 12 - 36
11.18Gbps GTH transceivers - -
PCI Express ( PCIe ) Endpoint/Root Port blocks 1 - 2 2
Ethernet Media Access Controller blocks 4 4
600MHz DSP48E1 slices 288 - 864 1,344 - 2,016
System monitor and analog-to-digital converter
Third-generation sparse chevron packaging technology
Enhanced configuration and bitstream protection

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