Targeted Design Platforms

Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms (TDPs) are comprehensive development kits, complete with boards, ISE® Design Suite tools, IP cores, reference designs and FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) support, enabling designers to begin application development immediately.

Base-Level Platforms

The base TDP platform is both the delivery vehicle for all new silicon offerings from Xilinx and the foundation upon which all Xilinx targeted design platforms are built. It comprises a robust set of well-integrated, tested and targeted elements that enable customers to immediately start a design. These include:

  • FPGA silicon
  • ISE Design Suite design environment
  • Third-party synthesis, simulation, and signal integrity tools
  • Reference designs common to many applications, such as memory interface and configuration designs
  • Development boards that run the reference designs
  • A host of widely used IP, such as GigE, Ethernet, memory controllers, and PCIe®.

Domain-Specific Platforms

Each domain-specific platform targets one of the three primary Xilinx FPGA user profiles (domains): the embedded processing developer, the digital signal processing (DSP) developer, or the logic/connectivity developer.

Domain-specific platforms augment the base platform with a predictable, reliable, and intelligently targeted set of integrated technologies, including:

  • Higher-level design methodologies and tools
  • Domain-specific embedded, DSP, connectivity, analog and video
  • Domain-specific development hardware and daughter cards
  • Reference designs optimized for embedded processing, connectivity, and DSP
  • Operating systems (required for embedded processing) and software

Every element in these platforms is tested, targeted, and supported by Xilinx and/or our ecosystem partners. Starting a design with the appropriate domain-specific platform can cut weeks, if not months, off of the user's development time.

Market-Specific Platforms

A market-specific platform is an integrated combination of technologies that enables software or hardware developers to quickly build and then run their specific application or solution. The market-specific platform can rely more heavily on third-party targeted IP than the base or domain-specific platforms. The market-specific platform includes:

  • Base and domain-specific platforms
  • Reference designs
  • Boards (or daughter cards) to run reference designs that are optimized for a particular market (e.g., lane departure early-warning systems, analytics, and display processing)