Rapid growth in demand for FPGAs as system level solutions fuels demand for expertise in PCI integration

Weybridge, UK, March 6, 2000—Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Silicon & Software Systems (S3) to provide specialized design services and support for the industry leading XilinxÒ PCI solutions. Silicon & Software Systems (S3) is based in Dublin, Ireland, and is a member of theXilinx XPERTSTM network of consulting firms.

Under the terms of the agreement, Silicon & Software Systems (S3) purchased several licenses of PCI source code and test benches for theXilinx PCI LogiCORETM products from Xilinx. Silicon & Software Systems (S3) has rights to provide customization and integration services for the full spectrum of Xilinx PCI LogiCORE solutions. Through the agreement, Silicon & Software Systems (S3) will provide two days of free design services for new Real PCITM 64/66 customers and for customers using the popular PCI 32bit/33 MHz design kit. New PCI customers can use this unique offer for personalized PCI consulting services, and experienced PCI users can apply it toward integration and customization services.

"Designers purchase cores to enhance their design productivity," said Giles Peckham, software and cores marketing manager for Xilinx in Europe. "In order to maximize productivity, Xilinx LogiCORE products are optimized and verified in the target technology, and they're parameterizable and delivered with full documentation and support tools. But the key to a complete productivity solution is local expert technical support. With their vast experience in design services and their expertise in PCI, Silicon & Software Systems (S3) is an ideal partner for us in Europe."

"The enormous growth in demand for both our high speed VirtexTM-E and low cost SpartanTM-II PCI solutions can now be supported with a very high level of technical expertise from a well respected European company," said Roland Triffaux, vice president of sales and marketing for Xilinx in Europe.

"PCI is fast becoming the bus standard for both networking and communications applications as well as traditional PC products," said Babak Hedayati, director of marketing and business development for IP Solutions at Xilinx. "With so many customers new to PCI, we are committed to providing complete PCI solutions, and the Silicon & Software Systems (S3) agreement will allow our customers to reduce the learning curve and focus on system level design."

"Our focus is to provide state of the art design services. Partnering with Xilinx, the number one company in the programmable chip market, will add significant strengths to our portfolio of services. As a result of this partnership we will be well positioned to handle the forecasted rapid growth in this market as the FPGA price functionality curve approaches ASICs," said Dara Hurley, hardware systems director at Silicon & Software Systems (S3). "There is a large overlap between our customer bases. This exciting partnership will bring new benefits to our customers, with Silicon and Software Systems (S3) concentrating on knowledge enabled design services and Xilinx on programmable logic devices."

Customers have completed more than 1,200 design wins with Xilinx LogiCORE PCI solutions. A license allows customers to use the core in an unlimited number of individual product designs. More than 50 customers already have licensed the latest Real PCI 64/66 LogiCORE solutions for fully compliant 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI applications in Xilinx Virtex FPGAs since the core was introduced in March 1999.

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