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AR# 10676

Virtex-II Packaging - Who are the recommended socket vendors for FF packaging?


General Description:

Who are the recommended socket vendors for FF packages?

(Pages 8-21 of the 2000 Data Book list a few socket vendors, but "FF package" is not listed in the table.)


FF, FG and BGA packages are externally the same; the differences between the three packages are internal (wire bonding vs. flip-chip bumping). Consequently, BGA sockets can be used for FF packages, provided that they fit into the socket.

Recommended Vendors:

Yamaichi Electronics


A Yamaichi FG1156 socket will work for a FF1152 device. The FF1152 package is the same length and width as the FG1156, but it is slightly thicker. Both packages should fit this type of socket. The Yamaichi part number is:

FG1156 NP352-115523-AC19415

This socket uses tweezers-like contacts to make contact with the socket balls. The device is removed by pushing down on a bezel on the top of the socket. This separates the contacts so that the device is easily lifted out.

However, when the contacts separate, they have a tendency to contact adjacent pins. If the two adjacent pins are Power and Ground, the contacts are destroyed. This is not a problem if you remember to turn off the power.

Wells CTI

Wells CTI also uses FG1156 sockets, but these do not have the shorting issue described above. The part number is:

(OBG0028) 8135-1156-0B-00.

Check with the vendor for availability.


3M/Textool has FF1152 sockets. The part number is:


This is a clam shell, lidded type socket.

AR# 10676
Date 12/15/2012
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Type General Article
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