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AR# 10747

3.1i Timing Analyzer - An XML report takes a long time to load (when compared to a TWR report).


Keywords: Cross, probing, cross-probe, probe, 3.3i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In 3.1i Service Pack 6 (3.3i), Xilinx introduces a new feature that enables users to perform cross-probing between Timing Analyzer and the Synplify/Leonardo Spectrum schematic viewer; this feature is called "Timing Cross-Probing." (For more information about this feature, please see (Xilinx XAPP406).

With the timing cross-probing feature enabled (by default), it takes a long time for
Timing Analyzer to load the XML report.
This is because it takes some time to build the cross-probing links for a large report.

How do I turn off the XML browser viewing and load the TWR report file instead?



The environment variable XIL_XPROBE controls the cross-probing. Setting this
variable to "0" will disable Timing Cross Probing and cause Timing Analyzer to
produce an ASCII text-based timing report (TWR) file. This file cannot be used
for cross-probing, but will generally load more quickly.

To set the variable on a PC platform:


To set the variable on a UNIX platform:

setenv XIL_XPROBE 0

Not to be used in 4.1i and newer releases of our software.


Other workarounds:
1. If the Crossprobe link creation process takes longer than a minute, the Status bar shows the progress of link creation; you can press Esc to abort this and display the report with partial links.
2. Go to File->Preferences dialogs and select "Do not show Crossprobe links on logical names". Crossprobe links are not created, so the report will load and display more quickly.
AR# 10747
Date 11/24/2002
Status Archive
Type ??????