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AR# 1381

Workview Office - use VCD format with ViewTrace; fixes bad clock pulses in simulation


Keywords: Viewsim, Viewtrace, clock, stepsize, ticksize, simulation, incorrect

Urgency: Standard

When running a ViewSim simulation, you may notice the clock pulses are not
regular. The chances of seeing this problem increase if you have changed the
stepsize or ticksize of the clock generation.


Workview Office has a new waveform file format: .VCD. This should be used
when calling the WAVE command in a ViewSim command file, instead of .WFM.
For example:

h gsr
sim 1000
l gsr
clock clk 1 0
stepsize 50ns
wave wavefile.vcd clock data_in data_out reset enable

This last line will launch ViewTrace and display five signals. The waveform
data will be stored in wavefile.vcd.
AR# 1381
Date 05/22/2006
Status Archive
Type ??????
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