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AR# 1397

Concept - How do I attach LOC properties to IPAD4/8/16 and OPAD4/8/16 macros?


Keywords: LOC, properties, macro, macros

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Concept does not allow you to attach LOC constraints to an
IPAD4/8/16 & OPAD4/8/16 symbol.


The work-around is to create a user copy of the macro by
saving the IPAD4/8/16 or OPAD4/8/16 name to a different name
so that you can edit the new user macro and attach LOC
properties to the underlying symbols.

For example, for an IPAD4, do the following in Concept:

Generate a user-editable symbol BODY:

1. "edit IPAD4.body" to call up the symbol BODY
for the macro

2. "write newmacro_name.body" to save it to a user
symbol body that
would be editable.

3. "edit newmacro_name.body" to call up the user symbol

4. Remove the LEVEL and LIBVER properties from the

find "level=*" - Concept will return a Group letter
(for example, "Group A")
del A - to delete the group of strings
matching "level ="

Do the same for the LIBVER property:

find "libver=*" - Concept will return a Group letter
like "Group B"
del B - to delete the group of strings
matching "level ="

5. write to save the newly edited
symbol body

Generate a user-editable LOGIC drawing underlying the new symbol body:

1. "edit IPAD4.logic" to call up the underlying
LOGIC drawing
(schematic) for the macro

2. "write newmacro_name.logic" to save it to a
user-editable logic drawing.

3. "edit newmacro_name.logic" to call up the editable
version of the macro.

Now you can add the LOC properties to the underlying IBUF
symbol bodies and save the new logic drawing.

AR# 1397
Date 02/11/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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