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AR# 1405

DATA BOOK 1996 Edition - Ambiguity regarding PG299 pins E5, E16, T5, and T16.


The 1996 Xilinx Data Book is missing entries for the following PG299
package pins:

E5, E16, T5, and T16.

In the May 1996 data sheet that was previously released,
these pins were missing from one table:

"Technical data, XC4000 Series FPGA", Page 4-127.

In the same May 1996 data sheet, page 4-171:

T5 and E16 are listed as GND, and
T16 and E5 are listed as VCC.


The information in the second table is correct:

- T5 and E16 are grouped with 16 other pins as Vss.
- T16 and E5 are grouped with 16 other pins as Vcc.

AR# 1405
Date 02/08/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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