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AR# 16670

3.1 EDK - LibGen "Undefined reference to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS' "


Keywords: debug, peripheral, base, XMDStub

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
A debug peripheral is required to compile the XMDStub. However, errors similar to the following are reported when I try to run LibGen to generate xmdstub.elf, even though there is a debug peripheral and all attributes appear to be set up correctly:

"Creating xmdstub executable ...

Running xmdstub make file ...
xmdstub.o: In function `xmd_stub':
xmdstub.o(.text+0x24): undefined reference to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS'
xmdstub.o: In function `ReSync':
xmdstub.o(.text+0x34): undefined reference to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS'
xmdstub.o(.text+0x44): undefined reference to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS'
xmdstub.o: In function `StartUp_Entry':
xmdstub.o(.text+0x140): undefined reference to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS'
xmdstub.o: In function `Program_Exit':
xmdstub.o(.text+0x150): undefined reference to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS'
xmdstub.o(.text+0x168): more undefined references to `DEBUG_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDRESS' follow
make[1]: *** [xmdstub] Error 1
ERROR: make failed for Makefile: codemake.xmdstub
make: *** [procone/lib/libxil.a] Error 2


This issue is observed in cases where the name of the debug peripheral has both upper and lower-case letters. Change the instance name to lower case to solve the problem.

For example:

BEGIN opb_uartlite
PARAMETER INSTANCE = Opbuartlitev232

Should be replaced with:

BEGIN opb_uartlite
PARAMETER INSTANCE = opbuartlitev232
AR# 16670
Date 04/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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