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AR# 17079

5.2 ChipScope Pro - I receive the message "ERROR: Opened Xilinx Parallel Cable but failed to detect JTAG Chain"


General Description:

I receive the message "ERROR: Opened Xilinx Parallel Cable but failed to detect JTAG Chain".

Parallel IV cable firmware was recently changed from REV00 to REV02. This firmware is incompatible with the current parallel cable driver. A tactical patch will be available for ChipScope versions prior to the 5.2 release 2. This will also apply to EDK because GDB uses the same parallel IV cable driver.


This problem affects ChipScope Pro 5.1 (all) and ChipScope Pro 5.2 Release 1, as well as Parallel IV Cable firmware versions REV02 and REV03. The software update for this issue is compatible with all prior firmware revisions, including REV00.

You can check the cable firmware revision by opening iMPACT and auto-detecting the JTAG chain. Look for the line containing "Cable Type=01, Revision=XX". If "XX" > "0", then you need a new cable driver.

If you are experiencing the error with one of the affected ChipScope Pro versions, you should download the patch at:


Unzip the patch into your ChipScope installation directory.

This issue will be fixed in ChipScope Pro version 5.2 Release 2.

There is no patch available for ChipScope versions prior to 5.1.

AR# 17079
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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