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AR# 17552

9.1i MAP - "FATAL_ERROR:MapHelpers:mhcv2cmgr.c:262:1.21 - Bad site type IOB in getMacroSite()."


Keywords: MAP, FATAL, ERROR, MapHelpers, mhcv2cmgr.c:262:1.21, getMacroSite().

When I run a design through MAP, I receive the ERROR message:

"FATAL_ERROR:MapHelpers:mhcv2cmgr.c:262:1.21 - Bad site type IOB in getMacroSite()."


This problem is caused by a user error, but MAP should issue a user error for the problem instead of a fatal error. A flip-flop has both IOB=TRUE and RLOC= X30Y28. Since the flip-flop does not share the same RLOC as other fragments, the directed packer does not try to pack this flip-flop. The I/O packer packs the flip-flop into IOB, but fails to detect the RLOC constraint on the flip-flop and RPM_GRID property is not set for this macro. We do support RLOC on IOBs for Virtex-II and beyond architectures, but RPM_GRID property has to be set .

This error messaging issue was fixed in the 10.1 release. Meanwhile, the design problem can be corrected by making one of the following changes:

1. If you want the flip-flop to join SLICE, IOB=TRUE property on flip-flop should be removed.
2. If you want the flip-flop to join IOB and the RLOC constraint is still needed, the entire macro needs to be recaptured using RPM_GRID system.
3. If you want the flip-flop to join IOB and the RLOC constraint is not needed, the RLOC needs to be removed.
AR# 17552
Date Created 09/03/2007
Last Updated 05/05/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article