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AR# 18211

6.1 EDK - Base System Builder (BSB): PPC generated designs require a linker script or a change to the program start address to work


Keywords: EDK, EST, BSB, PPC, linker script, start

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The Base System Builder (BSB) generates the memory addresses based upon the reset vector and the size of all the peripherals in the processor system. The BSB guarantees that memory resides at the processor reset vector, but not the default "Program Start Address".

PowerPC Reset Vector - 0xFFFF_FFFC
Default Program Start Address - 0xFFFF_0000

This can result in a design which does not work.


There are two possible solutions to resolve this issue:

1. Change the "Program Start Address" to the Base Address of your memory.

a. In XPS, select Options -> Compiler Options.
b. Select the "Details" tab.
c. Enter a valid "Program Start Address".

2. Create a linker script to map the software application to the available memory. For additional information regarding this, refer to the EST Guide.
AR# 18211
Date 03/07/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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