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AR# 18646

System Generator for DSP - Why do the Hardware Co-Sim Compilation targets disappear when updating System Generator?


Why do the Hardware Co-Sim configuration files disappear when updating System Generator?


Files that you create and place in the "$Xilinx/DSP_Tools/sysgen/plugins/compilation" directory of a previous System Generator install will not be available in a new version of System Generator for DSP installation.

To address this issue you can copy the compilation target directory located in the "$Xilinx/DSP_Tools/sysgen/plugins/compilation" directory before uninstalling the older version of System Generator for DSP. Once the install of a new System Generator version is complete, copy the files from the old installation to the new compilation directory of the new installation.

Once the restoration of the files is complete, rerun the "xlrehash_xltarget_cache" command as described in the Xilinx System Generator User Guide, accessible from:


Because there can be changes in the format of the HW co-simulation configuration files, it is advised that you regenerate these files in the latest version or download a new version when available.

For System Generator for DSP 6.3 and beyond, you can use the XBD Builder to create HW co-simulation board description files. This tool allows you to save a ".zip" file containing all of the information for the board. These files should be saved in an archive so they can be added to new installations of System Generator for DSP. For information on installing the plugins, enter the following command at the MATLAB command prompt:

help xlInstallPlugin

AR# 18646
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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