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AR# 19231

OPB 10/100 Ethernet MAC v1.01a - Release Notes for EDK 6.2i SP1


General Description: 

This Answer Record describes improvements made in the OPB 10/100 Ethernet MAC in EDK 6.2i Service Pack 1.


A new version of the OPB 10/100 EMAC is introduced in EDK 6.2i Service Pack 1. The new version is opb_ethernet_v1_01_a. More information on EDK 6.2i SP1 is available at: 


The following bug fixes and enhancements are included in the EDK 6.2i SP1 release of v1.01a of the OPB EMAC core: 


- Top-level ports/signals were created for internal MAC interrupts that previously were available only by reading the interrupt registers via the OPB bus. 


- A fix for a Full Duplex problem was included in which phy_col was not being ignored as it should be. Normally this is not a problem since PHYs operating in full duplex will not drive this signal to the EMAC. However, when used in conjunction with the MII_to_RMII core (which always drives phy_col in full duplex), it prevented transmissions. (Note that this fix, in turn, caused a problem with half duplex loopback mode, which will be fixed in EDK 6.2i Service Pack 2.) 


- A reference in the data sheet to the design data format was changed from "VHDL" to "NGC netlists, VHDL wrapper".

AR# 19231
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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