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AR# 2050



Keywords: fatal error, .xnf, .xff, xmake

Urgency: standard

General Description:

XNFMERGE is invoked on the design, and yields the message:

INTERNAL ERROR: 293: Please contact Xilinx Technical Support.
Please provide the following details to the support personnel:

1: I293
2: 8192

The error message that XNFMERGE is reporting is due to the fact that there is greater than 1024 files incorporated in the
design. XNFMERGE stores a reference to every netlist in the design in a fixed-size array so that it put numbered HIERG records and symbol attributes into the output file. These records and attributes are used by XNFMAP (with using it's -a or -q options) to reconstruct the design hierarchy so it can do mapping within hierarchy boundaries. This was done to maintain the functionality of the old "map-then-merge" function that was originally done with multiple invocations of XNFMERGE and XNFMAP.


If you aren't going to use these map=then=merge options in XNFMAP, then you don't need to have these records in the output of XNFMERGE. You can turn off XNFMERGE's function with the -f command-line switch.

xnfmerge -f design_name

AR# 2050
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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