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AR# 21102

7.1i CORE Generator - "ERROR:sim:11 - Cannot determine PDF viewer path"


Keywords: data, sheet, datasheet, pdf, viewer, settings, CORE, CORE Generator, COREGen, ip

Selecting View Data Sheet for a specific IP core causes COREGen to respond with the following error message:

"ERROR:sim:11 - Cannot determine PDF viewer path"

The PDF viewer location is correctly set in the File->Preferences drop-down box.


This error message is generated if the selected data sheet (PDF doc.) does not exist or cannot be found. The error message should indicate that the PDF document does not exist (at path/name).

This will be fixed in the first IP update for 7.1i.

The data sheet for each core is located in the "doc" directory under the "ip" directory for that core.

The data sheet for the asynchronous FIFO version 6.1 (async_fifo.pdf) can be found at: "C:\xilinx7\coregen\ip\xilinx\primary\com\xilinx\ip\async_fifo_v6_1\doc" where "C:\xilinx7" is the install directory for ISE 7.1i.
AR# 21102
Date 12/13/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article