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AR# 22291

8.1i XPower - Settings file prevents quiescent power from being updated after design or device changes


Why does my quiescent power stay the same when I change devices? Each device should have a different quiescent power.


The settings file (DESIGNNAME_xpwr.XML) contains information such as toggle rates and input frequencies as well as quiescent power. XPower automatically loads the XML file if XPower is launched from ISE Project Navigator. This quiescent power stored in the XML will prevent XPower from re-calculating the quiescent power for the current device.

There are two ways to work around the problem:

1. Do not load the settings file (change this option in ISE) or delete the XML File.

2. Manually edit the XML file and delete the appropriate lines in the XML file. This allows you to still use the toggle/frequency data in the XML file but allow XPower to re-calculate the quiescent power.

For example:

The line below is cut from the XML settings file. It contains the quiescent power for a given device and can be safely deleted from the settings file. This would allow XPower to re-calculate the quiescent power for the design while still allowing you to restore toggle rate and frequency information.

<Power_Voltage source="Vccint" voltage="1.30" quiescent="85.000000" startup="0.00"/>

AR# 22291
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article