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AR# 2256

NGDBUILD: WARNING:basnu:11 - Ignoring unexpected data value "true" on "FAST" property


Keywords: NGDBUILD, basnu, ignoring, FAST, true, unexpected

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

NGDBUILD reports the following warning:

WARNING:basnu:11 - Ignoring unexpected data value "true" on "FAST"

This occurs even though the FAST attribute has been used properly.


NGDBUILD does not expect to see a the FAST attribute set to a value,
because the presence of the FAST attribute alone is enough to indicate that
a user output should be configured as fast (not slew-rate limited). Some
design-entry tools, however, may set the value of FAST to "true" or some
other value, even though it is not necessary.

The FAST attribute will still be interpreted as desired. Therefore, this
warning can be safely ignored.
AR# 2256
Date 03/29/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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