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AR# 23403

8.2i ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator 8.2i


Keywords: problems, ProjNav, PN, bugs, changes

This Answer Record lists the Known Issues for Project Navigator 8.2i. Each Known Issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


(Xilinx Answer 22250) - Known issues related to spaces in the installation path or project/source path
(Xilinx Answer 22590) - Viewing a snapshot will fail after converting a project from ISE 7.1i to ISE 8.1i format if the project name was changed after the snapshot was taken
(Xilinx Answer 22592) - The Generate Power Data process is incorrectly available for Spartan-3 Automotive devices
(Xilinx Answer 22886) - Some Project Navigator processes do not release memory even after project is closed and reopened
(Xilinx Answer 23102) - Project Navigator hangs when opening specific project - project file becomes corrupt
(Xilinx Answer 23262) - Project Navigator shows that MAP failed, but there are no errors in my MAP report
(Xilinx Answer 23341) - Creating new Project Navigator project fails with: "The project location <directory path> is read only. Please try another location."
(Xilinx Answer 23381) - Creating a new Edif-based project with New Project Wizard causes fatal error from GuiUtilities:Gq_Application.c when UCF file is included
(Xilinx Answer 23383) - Project Navigator runs a process on a source unrelated to the selected top-level module
(Xilinx Answer 23385) - Project Navigator lists inaccurate options for Virtex-5 Configuration Rate
(Xilinx Answer 23387) - Project Navigator crashes when closing one project and trying to open another - GuiUtilities:Gq_Application.c:570:
(Xilinx Answer 23458) - Project Navigator process status and partition information is lost when Snapshot is made current
(Xilinx Answer 23466) - Project Navigator does not show a VHDL package file added to the project in the hierarchy or sources window
(Xilinx Answer 23467) - Project Navigator, Toggle Paths option causes the design top-level icon to disappear
(Xilinx Answer 23504) - Project Navigator clears transcript messages when starting a new process or when opening reports and applications
(Xilinx Answer 23506) - Project Navigator Design Summary does not get updated for intermediate processes if Rerun is selected instead of Run
(Xilinx Answer 23507) - Once an implementation has been started in Xplorer mode, it cannot be stopped from Project Navigator
(Xilinx Answer 23521) - Project Navigator Translate fails when using Synplify Pro design flow with upper-case module name
(Xilinx Answer 23522) - Making an edit to an 'include file does not reset source hierarchy or process status
(Xilinx Answer 23530) - Project Navigator reruns Xplorer script unnecessarily after re-opening a project
(Xilinx Answer 23549) - "Back Annotate Pin Locations" process does not use correct UCF file if the base name does not match the Top-Level source name
(Xilinx Answer 23550) - Running the MPPR option "Copy result to Working Directory" causes project processes to go out of date
(Xilinx Answer 23551) - Apply Project Properties process closes project and hangs Project Navigator
(Xilinx Answer 23553) - Project Navigator shows intermediate files generated by ISE processes in Sources window
(Xilinx Answer 23554) - Project Navigator "Assign Package Pins" process does nothing with NGC Project
(Xilinx Answer 23555) - Collapsed source view of User Documents added to a Project Navigator project keeps getting expanded
AR# 23403
Date 04/16/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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