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AR# 23552

Project Navigator - How do I direct Project Navigator to write out console information to a log file to preserve the flow and debug information?


Is there a way to view or capture the flow and debug information from the console?


The command line log file records the command lines that have been used for the implementation of the design.
To write out and preserve a transcript of all information written to the console window (in ISE 8.2i and later), use the XIL_PROJNAV_OUTPUT_LOG environment variable.
XIL_PROJNAV_OUTPUT_LOG = <any directory you please>/<log file name>

Creates a running log of all Project Navigator actions for all projects in a log file, c:\my_PN.log


Creates a log in the project directory of the specific project that is open. When a new project is opened, a new log file is created for the new project in the new project directory.

In ISE software 11.1 and later, the XILI_PROJNAV_OUTPUT_LOG file is not needed, but can be used to redirect the defaultlog file to a specific name and directory; in ISE 11.1, apreference was addedto write out. To change the preference, select Edit -> Preferences and either check or uncheck the "Write Project Navigator log file" option under ISE General.
AR# 23552
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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