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AR# 23565

9.1i Schematic - Xilinx symbols added in a CPLD schematic are shown with a question mark in the Sources window hierarchy tree


Keywords: ECS, Schematics, LUT1, INIT, question, unknown, macro, primitive, CPLD, CoolRunner, 9500

If I put a Xilinx Macro symbol (e.g., fd4) in a schematic, the macro is shown with a question mark in the Sources window hierarchy tree. Why?


This is caused by an issue with the macros that exists in the CPLD libraries, but not the FPGA libraries. This is a visual problem only and will not affect the project.

The Hierarchy display is controlled by Project Navigator, and the creation of the intermediate HDL file is done by Schematic Editor. The sch2vhd or sch2ver converter correctly finds the macro schematic in the drawing directory and supplies the correct HDL down to the primitive level.

Double-check to see if the macro is found by pushing into the macro from the instantiating schematic.

This issue is resolved in ISE 10.
AR# 23565
Date 04/13/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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