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AR# 23685

MPMC2 - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the frequently asked questions for the Multi Port Memory Controller 2?


(Xilinx Answer 23594) : MPMC2 - What are the software requirements for MPMC2?

(Xilinx Answer 23593) : MPMC2 GUI - Error: "Sed is not installed, or it is not in your PATH"

(Xilinx Answer 23596) : MPMC2 GUI - When I launch the GUI, the error "Error opening data/ver.txt! Exiting..." appears

(Xilinx Answer 23595) : MPMC2 GUI - Is it possible to add custom MPMC2 Reference Cores to the pull-down menu?

(Xilinx Answer 23914) : MPMC2 - Is the MPMC2 available as VHDL?

(Xilinx Answer 23651) : MPMC2 GUI - When I generate a core, the ".pao" file is empty

(Xilinx Answer 23960) : MPMC2 - 1.6 (release 06.30.06) - OPB PIM does not support retries

(Xilinx Answer 23617) : MPMC2 GUI - Under Linux, the fonts are too big

(Xilinx Answer 23619) : MPMC2 - XMD connection issues with MPMC2 reference designs

(Xilinx Answer 23618) : MPMC2 GUI - When generating a core, I receive warnings: "tRASmax / -tRRD is an unrecognized switch"
AR# 23685
Date 11/12/2010
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