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AR# 23771

LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) v8.1 - GUI allows illegal clocking option


The SPI4.2 v8.1 GUI allows you to choose the irrelevant clocking options.


1. On page 7 of the SPI-4.2 GUI customization page (Source Other Options -> Clocking -> SysClk), if Slave Clocking is selected, the option to choose between DCM and PMCD clocking should be greyed out, but it is not. The same applies for TSClk, on the same page. If Slave clocking is used, then no need to select DCM or PMCD as that is irrelevant. Selecting these irrelevant options will not cause any adverse effect, but the GUI conflicts with the SPI-4.2 documentation. 


2. On page 7 of the SPI-4.2 GUI, if using Virtex-5, the option to pick PMCD clock generation should be greyed out, but it is not. Choosing PMCD will not cause any adverse effect to the core.  


3. On page 3 of the SPI-4.2 GUI, if using Regional Clocking option, then otpion to pick DCM or PMCD should be greyed out, but it isn't. Choosing Regional Clocking will implement the clocking circuit correctly with the regional buffers, but in the wrapper, input DCMReset_RDClk gets generated which drives the clear input of the RStat and RSClk output registers. Recommend users to tie the DCMReset_RDClk to '0'.

AR# 23771
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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