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AR# 23812

13.x EDK - How do I prevent XPS from inserting BUFGs?


When my entire Embedded Design Kit (EDK) system is synthesized, extra BUFGs that impede the performance of the system are automatically added in the top level. How do I resolve this issue?


To resolve this issue, manually add an IBUF to the port where the BUFG is being inserted, as follows:

1. Download the IBUF pcore and place it in your project's pcore directory:
2. Add the IBUF pcore to your system.
3. Find the external port associated with the BUFG.
4. Connect the input of the IBUF pcore to the external port.
5. Connect the output of the IBUF pcore to the pin of the peripheral.
AR# 23812
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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