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AR# 23901

9.1i Tcl - The Xilinx Tcl Shell (xtclsh) consumes a high amount of memory when reading all project properties


Keywords: Tcl, xtclsh, Xilinx Tcl Shell, memory, script

When running a script to read all project properties from an *.ise file, a lot of memory is required. This might make it impossible to read all properties at once. In addition, the memory is not freed when the project is closed.


To work around this issue, read back the available processes first, and then read back the project properties for each available process in a separate Xilinx Tcl Shell (xtclsh).

The memory will be freed when the Xilinx Tcl Shell (xtclsh) is closed.
AR# 23901
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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