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AR# 24054

8.2i EDK SP2 - FSL_V20 Core fails when I select FIFO depth of four.


There is no advantage to setting the FIFO depth <16 because the same number of LUTs are used for FIFO less than 16. The documentation and MPD will be fixed to only allow the following sizes: 


RANGE = (0,16:C_ASYNC_CLKS*128 | !C_ASYNC_CLKS*8192)


The data sheet and MPD file will be updated in a future release to indicate support of a minimum FIFO size of 16. Currently, the minimum FIFO size supported is 16 (i.e. PARAMETER C_FSL_DEPTH = 16).

AR# 24054
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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